Business Card

Business Card

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Good Morning!  It has finally stopped raining.  My roses look really good with all the rain, but the leaves have not changed into the beautiful fall colors yet.  Definitely another negative to living in the city, and not the country.
The first thing on my list is making a fall quilt.  I chose my fall fabrics and spent a few hours searching for the pattern.  I had one in mind, from a picture of a quilt I saw online, and of course I can't find it.  I did find a few, but they weren't exactly what I wanted.  I will take some of these pictures and head over to my Electric Quilt Program.  The best investment I ever made.  I use it for everything.
I hope everyone is having a better day than I am.

My daughter had me laughing the other day.. she ripped into me about working on flowers, instead of making fall things.  I was taken back.  She was kind of lecturing me.  I was trying not to laugh.  I am glad she is trying to help me with my business.  She has a very good color eye, and has past my little tests that I have set up for her.  She helps me when I am not sure of a color.  Can I get her to quilt or sew??  Of course not!  But that is okay.

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