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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Horse Quilt top done, started quilting

I finished the quilt top last night, and that wasn't easy.  Every time I went to work on it, she would come out of her room.  I think she knew because I was so jumpy.  I can never hide anything because my body language gives me away every time.  I am not really sure what size it is, I know it will fit on her day bed hopefully.. all I know is the quilt is huge, and I WOULD NEVER EVER MAKE ANYTHING BIGGER WITHOUT HAVING QUILTING HELP TO LAYER THE QUILT AND BASTE...Oh my, it took me longer to layout the batting, then it did to pin baste it.   I had to sew more fabric onto the backing fabric, and then I cut it wrong, so I had to sew more fabric on the end to make it longer.. then I couldn't get everything smooth, and lined up.  I usually line it up, flip it to the back, iron it, and then flip it to the front, iron it, and then pin it lightly.  With this one, I didn't turn it back over to the back and iron it.. at that point if there were wrinkles then they were staying.  That was a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I used to over pin things but I found if I start in the middle, and quilt a certain way, I haven't had any tucks or pleats.  This quilt is going to be a different story.. I hope not.

Pictures to follow.

Have a great day!

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Bunny said...

Hope you have fun quilting it. I have used 505 spray to baste my quilts and it has worked really well you have to lay out the back batting and top and spray one half then smoothe it out each layer. Maybe you can try it on a small quilt first. Have fun.