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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blocks 1, 2, 3, 4 Value Quilt 2010

Quilt Police, Come Arrest me, because my points aren't 100% Perfect!!!!!  Deal with it!  I can never do anything perfect, so I have given up trying.  This quilt is taking on its own way that it wants to go.  Then again people that know me, know I can never leave well enough alone.. I have to change everything.. even my own designs.


Char said...

I can't tell they don't match. Looks beautiful to me. Love the color!

Colleen said...

Renee, I am mesmerized by these gorgeous blocks, is it your design? I will be following to see it grow!!! Thank you for sharing!

Renée's Country Quilts said...

Look at the squares by the cloud blue fabric, one side is big deal, laugh, I just like to dwell on the petty things.

Thank You both!

Morgan's Quilting and Cutting Blog said...

Renee, Thanks for your post. I miss having my time..... yet it has been so nice too to have Denny home. Just that somehow he can make me feel bad doing things I usually do.He does not say anything, its his actions that tell me. Like sighs... or rolling eyes. HA! You have been one busy gal. Love all of your blocks. Your blog is great! Chat very soon here...I miss everyone. Hugs Morgan

Renée's Country Quilts said...

I forgot to answer Colleen's question, yes it is my design I am making it up as I go along. I did stop that project for now until I can figure out how to use the block, but I am continuing the concept using a famous design with my own spin. That is all I can say right now without giving the mystery away.