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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great, my daughter isn't home and now I can..

My daughter is celebrating her birthday with a family friend.. they have been friends since second grade.  I am so nervous because this is the first time that my daughter has ever been in the car by another teenage driver.  I consider both of them my daughter, and I worry about both.  Her friend has been driving for 2 years now, and I know she was trained properly.. and I trust them both.  I just don't trust the other drivers.  I make her call me from when she is leaving and when she gets there.  They only went to movies and lunch.. I know, I know, she will be fine, and I have to let go.. WELL I AM GOING TO MACHINE SEW THE BINDING DOWN, SO I CAN HAND STITCH IT LATER.  HER BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW ALREADY.. BETTER HURRY.

The binding is complete.. don't want to add another post.
Looks like I will be heading to my bedroom early tonight to hand sew it.  A lot easier to hide.  Hopefully this will be the first quilt for her that will be a total surprise.

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