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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Babies.. Max , my daughter's awesome cat is no longer with us.. been a few months

Since I can't take pictures of what I am working on yet.. for a customer, I thought I would post some pictures of my loved ones.  I don't like posting pictures of my daughter for safety reasons.  They obviously also like fabric, both like to sleep in my fabric bins, which isn't fun because then I have to wash everything.  They always seem to sneak when I am working on a project.. Yeah, sewing machine going.. fair game.  She won't stop us.. they know the whole world disappears when I am sewing.

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agent99 said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. No, the pugs don't quilt, but momma does! If I ever get anything finished, I'll post it!! Your free motion samples are fabulous!

Mom to Gen & the Foo