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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Progress 3/30/2010

On this one I am not going to put a border because it is a baby quilt, and I don't want it to get to big.  The picture is misleading.  It is the same width, and length and it is pretty big already.  I also think it would be too busy.  I am going to use fabric that is mostly white with stripes for the binding.  I have a strong feeling, I might change my mind though.  What do you think?  Does it need a border?
  Thank You for your help.


Shady Brooks said...

I think that the blue border and yellow binding would finish it off very nicely!! If anything, lay the blue fabric under the quilt and have it peek out to audition it for both looks and to determine the actual size border you would like - that's what I do. That way I can adjust border size/fabric selection before I ever cut any of it :) Hope this helps :)

BJ said...

The border would add, but it is a personal choice. I like the fabrics you have chosen for border and binding. Like Shady said, lay out the blue and put the quilt on it and see how you like the look. If you don't add the border, I think I would use the blue for the binding. Can't wait to see what you decide. It's a really nice quilt.

Renée's Country Quilts said...

It says 2 comments, but I only see one. Did someone delete their comment??? Thank You Shady for your help. I went with that blue for the border before you comment, and I am glad you agreed. Thank you for backing up my choice, helps me feel better about the decision.