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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well I finished the last block of the wall hanging.  I then noticed, I sewed the left hand corner 4 patch to the secondary design wrong.  My two choices are.. 1) make a new block or 2) fix this one.  I opted for the second choice.

                                                                                                            The next question is, how do you fix the block?

First you remove the wrong sewn area, see the 4 patch in the upper left corner of the lower right hand block??

Make sure it is facing the right way.  Now it is in the picture.

You then have two rows on top that you pin the block to.

Your block then should look like this.

You then fold down the two top rows that you just sewn, and  then pin the top two rows to the rest of the block.

You only need to sew where you ripped out.  Make sure all seams pulled out too far are also re sewn.

Then if you realized you sewn your block incorrectly the second time like I did, then repeat the process, but make sure you sew it correctly this time.. If not try again, because my motto is.........

THREE TIMES A CHARM, EXCEPT IN MARRIAGE.. Somebody needs to tell my ex husband that one.  He recently got married again for the third time.  There are different circumstances for everyone because no one wants to be alone.. but not right after the divorce should you get remarried.  I am waiting for the announcement of the third child.  After All history does repeat itself.  I learned my lesson the first time.
Oh well, who said men were fast learners any way!!!

I will post pictures of the sashings tomorrow.  A tutorial of the blocks, and the layout are soon to follow.
Have a great day, and I am glad I could be the entertainment for you.  I just laughed.. what else can you do.

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Sharyn said...

haha...been there done that. And still found when the quilt was quilted the block was wrong :) Call it 'meant to be, how lucky can I get'?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Sharyn