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Friday, April 16, 2010

Old Wall Hanging UFO quilted

This quilt was probably one that a quilter would give back, and say I can't quilt this the way it is pieced.
The seams were so thick and stiff, that if you quilted over it, a needle would definitely be broken, and the machine damaged.  It was one of my first quilts, and I have no idea what I was doing.  So don't mind the quilting, it was one that I just wanted to get done.  I might keep this one for myself, depending on what happens when it is washed.  I think it will be okay though.  The back surprisingly doesn't have any puckers.
I will put the picture with the finished binding on this post when completed.

1 comment:

Joan said...

Looks OK to me Renee...good way to learn...dont practise - quilt! I think its greeat to have a record of how you go on your journey. I cant believe you do so much!!