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Thursday, April 22, 2010

What not to do.. some very bad quilting

I quilted this 3 years ago.. not that long thinking about it, maybe a year ago.. not sure, but any way, this is what not to do.  I will be ripping out stitches and  quilting this one again.  I was going to scrap it, but I can't waste the fabric so I am going to redo it and this will be another donation baby quilt.  I just attached the binding, and that was a nightmare with in itself..


Barbie Jo said...

I do love the colors though, I can't believe you are going to rip out all those stitches Renee!

Joanne said...

I also can't imagine you are going to rip out all the stitches!!
I think it looks great.

Renée's Country Quilts said...

the stitches are worse on the back, so it is coming out quickly, thank goodness. I just think the stitches were messy, unplanned, takes over the beauty of the quilt pattern... Up close in person, would be obvious why they need to come out.. hard to tell on a picture on the computer.
Thank You girls!

Joan said...

My gosh - what a heap of work to rip that...Look forward to seeing it a bit later?

Bunny said...

Well if you are not happy with it the best thing to do is to take out all those stitches. I have done that and had used the monofiloment thread that you can't see. Happy unstitching. Hugs