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Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Motion Quilting is all about learning

I hope I can help someone by seeing my mistakes instead of having to learn it on their own like I am doing now.

This is over quilted.  The stitches need to come out in the dark blue squares, and in the center of the star.  The quilting hides the fabric and is overwhelming.

I like how the quilting looks in this picture.  The lines are smooth, and they don't over lap looking messy.

I have to remember not to over quilt something, and sometimes less quilting is better.

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Joan said...

Renee...I do love that quilting ...I know what you mean by over quilt - but it looks lovely what upi are dping!. I find I get a bit carried away - and just keep going...sometimge I feel that it may make the whole piece a bit stiff - but it really doesnt seem to matter. I love what you are doing - really!!