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Business Card

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Motion Quilting

This has been a very bad start to this week, and new month.  My dog's need constant supervision, because let's just say, I don't want any new puppies to move with.  They finally went to sleep, and I got some minutes of sewing in.  I think I have tried every color on this quilt, and decided to use a light pink on the whole quilt because the back of the quilt is also a pale pink, and white fabric.  I am going to have to rip out the thread on the rest of the quilt, but what else is new.  I get so frustrated because I want everything to look better than what I am capable of doing.  I design, piece, and machine quilt all of my projects on a previously owned sewing machine.  I get upset that I don't have expensive top end equipment to work with.  I wish I had an embroidery machine or a long arm to compensate my lack of skills and talent.  I don't premark my quilting designs either, which I probably should, I just quilt it... then rip it until I am satisfied.. very lengthy process.  Thank goodness I have determination and  lots of dedication, passion, and patience in order to be able to do this.  I am not a patient person, so it is astonishing that I do for quilting, and crafts.  I pour my heart and soul into each of my projects, I guess that is why it hurts so much when I make a gift for someone, and they don't appreciate it.   Or they ask me why I am wasting my time, or even worse pay someone else high dollars to do what I offered to do for no money, or very little.  I guess they feel if it is free or costs little then the quality of work isn't there, and who knows maybe they are right.  All of my past customer's are very satisfied with my work so I guess I am doing something right.  Just my family and friends need convincing.


Anonymous said...

I love this pillow, you are very creative

Joan said...

The quilting looks lovely to me ...:)

Rene said...

I have to admit we are all pretty hard on ourselves when it comes to our work. The trick is that everything we do is unique. You don't need expensive machines to do the beautiful work that you do. You can do things with that simple machine that some of us will never come close to. As for the people who don't appreciate your work. They don't deserve one of your works of art. I have been there, and have discovered that some people just have no clue how much time, effort or love we put into each piece we do. So I say to them "Your loss!"
Keep up the beautiful work and always remember "Damn I AM good!"