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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday Project

Friday Project was supposed to be organizing my fabric scraps.  Instead I found this beautiful orange fabric that was given to me.  I only had a few pieces left so I designed this wall hanging around it.  I think it needs a really fun color for the binding, I was leaning towards the lime green, not sure yet.



Bunny said...

Looks great, I would use some yellow and not take away from the center a focal point. You are really doing well. I enjoy seeing your work.

shannon said...

i think with the orange so close to the edge, that a turq binding would really be gorgeous!

....just saying.

pirate said...

Do you have any more of the bright fabric? If not, any in the same color family, even if different than those you used in the quilt?

If so, sew them together in a strip set THEN make bias binding from the strip set (as though it were a single piece of yardage). You will get the most DELIGHTFUL diagonally striped binding that will coordinate with the quilt and add a terrific zing to the binding. :-)