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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Quilt for 2010.. Progress so far..

I am done crying now, and not because I sewed my finger with the needle but because I left my DNA on the Quilt.. I sprayed it with treatment, and Jim is convinced it will come out... I hope so...welcome home idiots next door.. just had to slam the door didnt you!  It has been so nice they have been gone for 2 weeks, and the college is not in session.  I got spoiled with the peace and quiet..well as much as you can get with a teenage girl being home, and 2 bad dogs.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Cindy Dailey said...

ouch! bet that hurt. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your DNA comes out.

bettyp said...

Meat tenterizer will get the blood out!!

Renée's Country Quilts said...

Great tip Betty, thank you!
If what Jim does doesnt work, I will definitely try that!

Char said...

Hope your finger isn't too sore. I've done that more than once.

Happy New Year Renee!