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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sewing Studio/ living area is now clean!...

I spent all New Years Day cleaning, and I still have so much more to do.  I already filled two large heavy duty black bags and I am sure there is more to go out.  This space is so small and should be the living area but I need a place to work of course.  The room does have character such as the windows, hardwood floors, and high ceilings.  The fire place was supposed to work, but they capped it off, so now I just think it is an ugly eyesore that serves no purpose and is covered up behind my most cherished piece of furniture.  I always wanted one, and Jim(s) Aunt didnt want it so she gave it to us.  Perfect for a quilter.  You can see how I am quickly filling it up.  It is huge!  We had it in the bedroom with the tv in it, but it is too big for the bedroom. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures to help you appreciate your studio/sewing area that much more!

This room is small, I will take a picture of the actual size once the other area gets cleaned up.  Which is maybe another 4 feet.  I am definitely not complaining since this was our starter home in Savannah, and it got us out of Ohio.  We are close to the Marina, and lots of  attractions.  Right down the street from Star Bucks, after all that was number one on the priority list.  Our street is a dead end, and the neighbors are the best.. except next door sharing our duplex, but hopefully they will be gone soon.  I know it still looks messy, but after the paper work is off my desk, and the thread wall things are up it will look better.  Both Desks were completely burried, and we had too much furniture in the room.  Everything is off the floor, I am happier.


Barb said...


Your work space is just great, I always love it when my space is cleaned and organized, which is few and far between.

bettyp said...

does feel good to do a good cleaning!! nice room too!!

Anne said...

You are brave photographing your workspace...It looks great. Every now and then (maybe once a year) or when I can't find something I reorganize my room. It looks so so for a day or so...You know how that is. Because of this cold weather in Oh. I am sewing in my dining room. That makes two rooms or so a mess. Oh, well as long as I have a place to sew. Creating can be a messey production. Happy Newyear!

Renée's Country Quilts said...

Thank You Anne,
It was nice to see a comment from you on my blog.. nice surprise. Hopefully it warms up quick for you. Sounds like you are more Southern Ohio which would explain why you are getting the nicer temperatures that I did when I lived in Cleveland/west side, Ohio.
Creating is and extremely messy production, the more creative, the more of a mess. I agree! I am glad you get to sew. Do you have any new quilt pictures on your page? I would love to see what you are creating.
Happy New Year to you as well!
Take Care,

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