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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Design.. needs a name!

I made this design today, and I can't think of a name yet for it.  I can design much easier than I can think of names.


Wayne Kollinger said...


I think your block designs are terrific. You have a wonderful sense of color.

I don't have a name for your block; but I do have a suggestion.

Quilt blocks are often abstract patterns that bear no relation to the pictoral world we live in. This makes naming them difficult.

I solved the problem of finding new names by using place names. I design pieced alphabets for use in quilts and I name them after places in the City of Calgary where I live. I have a series of quilts that I've named after towns in my home province of Alberta. Another series that is named after places in the province of Manitoba. And a third that uses names from Ontario.

There are other possibilities. You could try using girls names, or the names of flowers, or names taken from mythology.

Or you could ignore my suggestions and do something that suits your temperment, not mine.

Keep up the good work.

QuiltinMama said...

So..did you finally decide on a name for this one?
-Stephanie B.