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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Having fun creating a new design out of scraps

I created this block last night out of the fabric scraps that I had.  I was trying to use up various sizes, and squares and strips that were already precut.  I pulled out the green and blue swirl 1.5 inch square.  I really love the fabric, and I only had 2 small squares.  I then pulled out colors that I thought looked good together.  I usually pick one piece that I love, and build a color scheme from there.  The second color scheme I picked was the purple, which went well with the blue, and then added orange, and yellow.  I always find colors to work well if they are pleasing to the eye.  I have taken classes in the past on the color wheel for teaching, and it always confused me past the basics.  I tried following it as a quilter, and it never worked out.  I have learned not to doubt myself, and use fabrics and colors that are pleasing to me.  I know not everyone is going to like it which is what makes this world very enjoyable.  Everyone sees things differently, and I love seeing ART through the designer's/Artist's EYES.  It is a blessing that everyone's eyes, and minds work differently which helps them create something someone else may not even think of.  I have learned to compensate for my lack of skills if I am not able to learn it.  I have learned to work with the equipment and materials that I have on hand.  I love old things, not new, I love handmade vrs. store bought for that reason.  I love historical cars rather than new, and I would much rather see a custom built restored car than one from a "Kit".. yes cars are my second love right up there with "Music", all forms of ART to me.  I am trying to say, IF YOU ALWAYS DO WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART, AND NOT WORRY WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WILL THINK, YOU WILL ALWAYS SUCCEED.  That is mainly meant for me.  I have had a mental block in my creations because I was stuck on, it isn't good enough.  I need to go back to creating for me.  I have so many designs in my head, I just can't always get them out into my projects the same way I would like.  I get agitate that I don't have the best sewing machine, and resources on hand. I am so thankful that blogspot saves the drafts to the posts automatically, because my computer decided to update windows and restart after I typed everything, I thought I lost it... ugh!!  So glad I didn't, but also sorry you had to read it all..

Two blocks done so far!

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QuiltinMama said...

You always make color choices that are come I can't do that? LOL!! Happy quilting, Renee!