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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trying to learn the Paint Program in Designing

Since My EQ computer is still down, I thought I would try and learn the Microsoft Paint Program to design my quilts.  I do find the latest version much easier to use, but it is still taking a lot of time to learn.  I have to remember I didn't learn EQ overnight, so this will be no different.  I am also afraid that I will have to use different quilting methods to complete these drawings.  I think it might be a fun change.  I have always loved Geometric Shapes although strangely back in school I hated Geometry, and did much better in Algebra.  Who would have thought I would need Geometry in my chosen path of work.  I have also always been horrible in Art.  I loved Art but was drawn to Paintings, and Drawings.  I never imagined learning other methods of expressing my interest in Art.  Unfortunately the schools teach the children to do what is expected "Their Traditional Way" and were never encouraged, or very rarely encouraged to think "Outside the Box" and that there are more than one way to get the same answer or to learn things or how to do things.  We need more Teachers to teach "Different is good"!

Don't laugh.. here are my sad drawings.  Great for an Elementary school Child.
This program would also be useful for drawing templates.

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