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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just finished the Daunting Task of Taking Pictures of my Finished Quilts

I finally finished pulling the table runners and wall hangings from my Quilt Cabinet and took pictures of each one left and posted them to the wall hanging/ Table Runner and Topper page.  Not really earth shattering news but nevertheless a huge accomplishment for me.  I never realized how many I made, and sometimes I just have to stop making and look at what I already made.  I hope that made sense.  If you are not a quilter it is hard to understand how much work and time that goes into one project.  If you are a quilter than you definitely understand because you have been there yourself.   I will tackle the baby and lap quilts tomorrow.

Here are a few favorites..

This one was done with free motion thread painting/ embroidery, and free motion quilting.

This one was done with Applique and free motion quilting.  Front and Back Pictures.

Cute Wall Hanging and Table Runner set using Shar Jorgenson Quilting From the Heartland Design for the Rooster Shape

Free Motion Quilt Design that I made up as I was practicing quilting which I do many hours of.. maybe one day it will be noticeable, laughing.. hoping..dreaming..praying..

Sunflower Wall Hanging


Barb said...

I enjoyed seeing all of your runners and toppers....just lovely!

Renée's Country Quilts said...

Thank You Barb,
I really appreciate you taking the time to view my blog and all of the nice comments that you take the time to leave me.
I really admire your "ART" as well.

Zoey said...

Everything looks so nice. I am a chicken girl, so I really love that rooster!

Renée's Country Quilts said...

Thank You Zoey. I love Rooster's also.