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Business Card

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I wanted a picture of my girl Puggle so I took a picture of her, so I printed one out, and traced it onto glad press-n-seal.  I then stitched the tracing right on to the fabric from the press-n-seal.  I then removed the press-n-seal and filled in the details using thread, and my free motion foot.  I should have posted this to my blog a year ago when I made this, but forgot all about it.  Thanks to Susan's awesome blog it made me remember it.  I really want to try the method that she posted of  Faith Cleary's Tutorial.  Here is Susan's Blog link.. I hope you can check it out.  It is amazing.


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Looks great, Renee!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Come and do a picture of my Clancy.
Love you! Jan Kutschinski