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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I had a request for an easy beginner landscape project.  So I designed one, and decided to post it on my blog for all that wanted it.  This is made out of all squares, and you can use whatever size you want depending on how big you want your quilt to be.  Just subtract .5 from the size cut to get the accurate measurements for the finished quilt size.  For example 3 inch square, use 2.5 x the number of  squares used.  Yes I am trying to explain this for someone who has never sewn before.  It is hard to talk about it rather than show step by step for me.
If you need specific instructions/ math, etc.. please let me know.  I was trying to keep this simple.


QuiltinMama said...

I've always wanted to try a landscape...thanks for sharing this Renee!

Teresa said...

Thanks! I really appreciate the help. I have sewn and made a few rag quilts and two pieced quilts. I am presently working on another.I just love the landscape quilts and wanted to know how I could make one.