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Business Card

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Designed this to Honor my two Unborn Babies, and all of the Unborn Babies!

 I would never sell this pattern, but if you ever had a miscarriage, or lost a baby or a child, and you want this pattern, I will gladly give a copy to you!  


Barb said...

I am sad for your losses.....

Michele said...

I had a miscarriage, very early in my first pregnancy. You're right--- it is heartbreaking, thinking of the person who might have been. I've given birth to two healthy boys, now grown men, one with a child of his own, but I still think about my first and wonder if I might have had a daughter.
I'm sorry about your two. My BFF's daughter miscarried before her two children was born. She seemed OK afterward, but I think she was just good at hiding her pain.

Very nice of you to share your pattern.