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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things to look for when collecting American Quilts.

Things to look for when Collecting American Quilts
Collective Intelligence gave some good tips.

20). Look for close even stitching.
19) Good points.
18). Thin batting or thin layer in the quilt.
17). Collect African American Quilts
16) Date by youngest fabric.
15). Connect the blue dots for a kit quilt.
14). Never fold the same way twice when storing
13). Hang with even distribution
12). The Alliance for American Quilts
11). Crib Quilts should have compatible borders
10). When looking for Amish Quilts look for solid colors.
9). Avoid dry cleaning quilts.
8). American Institute for Conservation.
7). Take more care of Quilts with dark brown dyes.
6). Repair with Vintage Fabric.
5). Conserve with netting.
4). Don't reject a quilt if it has new binding.
3). When repairing a quilt use only cotton thread.
2). Quilt tops can be a deal.
1). Look for Baltimore Album Quilts.

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