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Friday, January 4, 2013

Moda Three Sisters Paris Flea Market Fabric Line

I love Country Flowers and one of the fabric lines I fell in love with was by Moda Three Sisters.  Their Paris Flea Market  Line is really pretty.  Floral Fabrics and anything with a busy print is much easier to design with the fabric in front of you.  I Love the design I came up with, but I am not really crazy about the color value placement.  I added a couple of fabrics from another one of their lines to balance it out some.
 Here is the link to their fabric.

If  the link doesn't work just go to and search designers, then click on three sisters and it will list all of their fabric lines.  There is a link on the site on where to buy if you do not have a quilt store or vendors license.  I like the site because it shows everything that is available in one easy location.

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