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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can you say quilt obsessed?

That is really sad when you pick up a paper towel and think that would be a pretty quilting design, or quilt pattern.  Everything that I look at I see a potential quilt, or a quilt design in it of some kind.  I look at a pattern on the wall or on the floor, and see a quilt.  Is anyone else like that, or have I completely lost my mind??..don't answer that, you know I have.  Art is all around us, beauty is in nature, I just wish more people would slow done enough to be able to enjoy life, and the beautiful things that the earth has given us to enjoy.  I am guilty as charged, always on the go, and always working.  I hope things will change when I move, probably not, but I will be taking my work on the go, and spending a lot more time outside enjoying the fresh air, and bright blue skies.

What are some things that you use for inspiration?


Colleen said...

YOU!!! are so inspirational for me! I too see quilting designs in everything now that I am free motion quilting. As I sat on the exam table for my yearly checkup in my paper shirt and lap cover I was seeing a beautiful acanthus leaf pattern in the wallpaper! That did help me through the waiting for the Dr. time. LOL
Actually, Renee, I have enjoyed reading your blog so much and always retain something to try on my own.
Happy quilting,

Sandy said...

You have not lost your mind, I do that too. If only we had time to make all the quilts that are floating around in our heads!