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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Thursday we packed the truck and I said goodbye to the house I have known since I was a baby.  It was a very traumatic day, and I said I wasn't going to cry, but after I took one last look and locked up, the flood gates opened, and the memories I had in the house came pouring back.  The hardest thing was saying good bye to my grandma.  She knew me since I was a baby.  None of the neighbors came over to offer help or at least say goodbye.  They all stood in their yards and watched.  Get a life!  The two Puggles got out several times, and we had to chase them.  The last time they got out the neighbors were outside in the circle, and they just stood there and did nothing.  They like to talk about everyone.  I called the neighborhood the little black hole.  Once you go in you don't come out.  I am so thankful to be able to have the opportunity for the fresh start.  I miss the house, not the neighborhood and the city.  It has changed for the worse, not the same place I grew up in.  We went from Ohio to West Virginia, to Virginia, to North Carolina, South Carolina, and finally Georgia.  As soon as I got into South Carolina, the sun began to shine, and the people were so friendly.  The clouds were bright blue with clear white clouds. 

I hate bridges, heights scare me to death.  Well I forgot about the bridge from South Carolina to Georgia.  This thing was so high up.  You had to drive your car up (ramp) bridge, and It literally felt like you were on a roller coaster with your car.  I drove the whole way by myself.  I don't know how I did it after not having sleep for 2 days.  I would not recommend it, but for some reason my adrenaline was pumping, and I didn't even feel tired.  I had about 12 cups of coffee.

When we go into the house, and turned the air on, the dogs were so relaxed and immediately fell asleep.  It felt like home right away.  I will take pictures very soon.  Dummy me packed my camera.  The house is a duplex and is one straight space.  The back of the house has the laundry room then you walk down the hall and the kitchen and bathroom are on one side, and the 2 bedrooms are on the other side of the hall.  The kitchen is open, and the living, and dinning room are open to where you can see the kitchen.  The house is made out of a peachy pink stucco.  Very pretty.  The house is set in a beachy theme because we are right by the marina Inner Coastal.  We are right on the Islands.20 minutes from Tybee Island.  This is how clueless I am I saw another BMW go by that had tinted windows and a license plate that said "I Am".  I said, wow this person is arrogant, and my daughter laughed at me because she said right away who it was.  Some famous rapper that had the name -- I am.  I forget who it was but she knew.  I love this area because tons of Celebrities come through here all the time to perform, visit, and to shoot movies, but the people don't make a fuss and give them the privacy that they deserve.  I am the same way.  Leave these people alone, they are just like us.  They deserve privacy, and respect.  Everyone is somebody important.  All people are important.  Today was a a hilarious.  We were coming out of a restaurant and this guy reached around me and opened the door.  I thought I cut him off, but he was holding the door open for me.  He was laughing at me because I was making a big deal about it.  I said wow, I am definitely not in Ohio anymore.  I left the city with a door slammed in my face.  I was walking into the store, and the man new I was behind him, and he pulled the door shut behind him.  Definitely a big change.  If a guy is nice to a girl, and shows her respect from where I came from the girl just thinks that the guy is trying to make a move on her. 

I don't think the dogs have slept this good in a long time.  Having central air, and no fleas, they are very happy.

Today my daughter went to Tybee Beach for the first time, and swam in saltwater.  It was hilarious, she wasn't expecting it.  It was so comical.

On the South Carolina Radio they were making fun of Cleveland and the incident that happened at the stadium over Lebron.  Cleveland Fans are extreme.  One man wore his jersey, and the fans went crazy and the man was escorted by the Police out of the stadium.

I will take pictures soon.  I can't wait to quilt.  I have so many new designs I can't wait to get out.

This "Southern Girl" is finally HOME where she needs to be!  I have too much Southern Blood in me to be trapped in the North!



Barbie Jo said...

Glad you're home Renee!

Lisa said...

Welcome to my part of the world!

bettyp said...

I am so glad you feel at home where you are and I hope you will be okay!
Sounds like you needed a change !! Get your quilting thing together and get busy,this will help you alot ! Thats what I do !!

Amy Eileen Koester said...

I know what you mean, I was raised in the south and when we moved back here nine years ago I felt exactly the same way.

I even say Yes Sir and Ma'am again. And everyone calls me Miss is just so HOME.

Welcome back!

Barb said...

I know it was so hard to leave but it looks like you have already started to like where you are. I don't know why people have to be like that...sorry.