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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last post for about 2 weeks..

Here is the last design in the set for my daughter's wall hangings.  Quite honestly I don't know if I can finish this one.  The fabric is a very dark purple with black, and glitter specks.  It is sure making me cross eyed.  I drastically modified the original design to speed up the process.
Here is a picture of my original drawing for the design, and the fabric itself.

Free Hand Drawing

  Lovely Fabric..


Colleen said...

I will miss you for the 2 weeks you won't be posting, looking forward to your next post!

Morgan's Quilting and Cutting Blog said...

Hi! Just getting back to you.... I get these moments of so much to do. Family things. Anyway, I see you will be gone for two weeks. Chat with you my dear friend when you get back. Hugs Morgan