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Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Bye My Precious Baby

December 20th 8:30 Am
Written 5:20 PM

To My Precious Baby,
I am sorry I could not protect you.
I am sorry I could not give you life.
I am sorry I could not hold you.
I am sorry I could not meet you.
I am sorry I could not see how beautiful you were going to be.
I am sorry I could not feed you.
I am sorry I could not dress you.
I am sorry I could not keep you safe.
I am glad I got to love you.
I am glad you are in Heaven with God, and all of my loved ones.
I pray they will keep you safe, and you know you were very loved and wanted.
I am sorry I could not give you a proper funeral.
You were so teeny, and fit in the palm of my hand.
I will never forget you.
I pray they will find out what happened to you.
Good Bye my baby, I loved you so much.
A piece of my heart and soul died with you today.
 Love, Mommy


BJ said...

Oh my friend, tears are welling up in my eyes. May you feel God's comforting arms wrapped around you and know you are loved.

Melissa said...

Oh Renee. I am so sorry.

Bunny said...

Oh Renee, my prayers are with you today. There are no words that can make your pain go away. May the Lord bless you and your family on this sad day and always.

Pat Richi said...

I, too, have tears welling up for your loss. I am so, so sorry and ish there was something more I could do. Put your faith in God...he will help you get thru this loss. Bless you and your family.

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

I am so very sorry, Renee. My heart breaks for you. I am sending all my love your way.

Jannis said...

Oh Renee, I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Morgan's Quilting and Cutting Blog said...

Renee, I just read your post, and I am truly sorry. I do know that you loved that baby...and I was so happy for you. I am thinking of you...and many prayers for you honey and your family. Chat with me when you can if you want. I am here for you. I just lost my daughters baby, and it does hurt, and a very hard time. Its a sad time. Hugs to you, Morgan oxoxoxo

Keep Stitchin' said...

I know I emailed you already, but still,I am so very sorry. The poem is beautiful.

Renee Hynes said...

5 years today since my human baby was taken from me. I am convinced the ER Doctor at Memorial Hospital in Savannah Georgia had something to do with that one. One of those things that I will never know and it really doesn't matter. Every year something horrible happens around the Holidays in general, Christmas specifically. I thought this year was finally going to be better, but not yet. Hopefully next year will be a whole lot better instead of feelings of sadness. I barely passed my poetry class many years ago in College, and for some reason, I don't know how the words just poured out in what I wrote December 20 2010. I am not good with words. I have had miscarriages in the past but this hit me the hardest because I actually had to see him or her. I was never this far along before. It was also the last chance to ever have a baby before turning 40. I know that is the reason why the loss of Chloe is hitting me so hard. I am very thankful for my amazing beautiful 22 year old baby, I can't baby her anymore. I hope everyone has the best Christmas ever, and thank you for enduring my posts. Next year will be filled with more quilts, and designs, and less psycho babble I hope. I debated against making this post, but I needed to for closure in the end.