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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Update and tribute to my Chloe (Piggy )Puggle

There has been a lot of changes around here, some good and bad.  In the beginning of January 2015 we moved back home to Cleveland, Ohio.  I still will have part of my Quilting Business in South Carolina and Savannah Georgia.  We will be returning frequently.

April 10 2015 we had to say Good Bye to my baby Chloe our Puggle.  Chloe was the only dog that I had picked out since she was a puppy.  The rest of my animals were rescues.  Chance was our first Puggle rescue, and we brought Chloe home for a companion for Chance.  There wasn't any intention of breeding.  Chloe was the last dog that I saw and when I saw her there was instant love.  Chloe attached herself to me when I held her and rescued me.  She didn't do that to anyone else that held her.  I felt bad because we had to leave her to get more money.  It broke my heart because she didn't understand.  When we returned she was outside in the soaking rain, and she ran to me.

Chloe would follow me every time I moved from my computer chair in the room to the sewing chair to the ironing board.

Chloe had lost a lot of weight, and one week after we moved back into the house that she knew she became totally blind.  She did very well finding the back door, her water dish, and she knew where my desk was, and where Jim's office was.  She also knew how to find the bedroom where she slept.  I started adding a whole can of soft dog food to her dry dog food so she would gain weight.  She felt heavier but she would not gain enough weight around her spine and head.  Baby Zoe and her were also getting into a lot of dog fights the last week because Baby Zoe was abused and attacked by a Chihuahua from the previous owner when she was sleeping.  All we knew was that they had one and we noticed Baby Zoe had a scar on her nose and snout/mouth.  Baby Zoe would go into attack mode if we moved her when she was sleeping.   Baby Zoe would growl and then Chloe would growl and go into attack mode because she was blind and couldn't see.  Looking back now I think they knew she was sick and something wasn't right, and it scared Baby Zoe.  We kept them separated at night.

April 10th we noticed that she had a huge lump on one of her mammary glands the size of a golf ball and I called the vet.  Her appointment was for for 4:30 the same day.  By the time we got to the vet it was the size of a baseball, and the Vet said it was a breast cancer tumor.  When she told me that it would rupture and she would bleed out, I knew I didn't have a choice but to let her go.  It was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do in my life.
     We also lost Saige our German Shepherd to spinal cancer a few years ago.  Saige was active until the day before she passed at home.  She stopped eating, and was throwing up, I stayed up with her all night, and the next morning she said goodbye to my daughter when she got up, and collapsed.  Slipped into a coma.  That was very hard on us because it was the first time that it ever happened.  We also rescued Nuisance an older German Shepherd Mix and he died of cancer, but I had Jim take him to the vet.  I wasn't in the room.

These are the last moment pictures of Chloe.  For the first time I noticed how tired and worn out she looked.  It looked like she was done fighting and it was time.  Her head shaped reverted to her puppy shape.
If I didn't lose anyone yet and you are still reading this, I want to thank you for listening.  Chloe was my little baby and I loved her very much.  She wasn't just an animal or a pet to me.  She was part of my family and my world as all of my babies are.
Chloe gave me two little kisses at the end of the first injection to say good bye.  We didn't take any pictures or recordings at that point.. I didn't know Jim was taking pictures at the time or recording small moments, and now I am glad that we have them.  Mommy will always love your Chloe and you will always be in my heart.. a piece of my heart and soul left with you.
 This picture was taken after we left the exam room so I could make my decision on what to do, and have some time.  I already knew in my heart what needed to be done.  Chloe looks like are you really taking me home and making me fight some more.. I believe that ...


Sherry said...

Losing a furkid is never easy. My sympathies and hugs to you and your family.

Renee Hynes said...

Thank You Sherry!